We were established in 1986.

We are Importers, Exporters & Stockists of Marine, Industrial Valves, Pipe Fittings & Flanges. We have Gate, Globe, Check, Strainer, Ball, Butterfly, Safety, Pressure reducing valves, Pipe fittings & Flanges etc., of stainless steel, brass, bronze, cast iron, cast steel and forged steel. Our valves, pipe fittings & flanges comply with BS, ANSI , JIS, DIN & API standards. Our product supplies consists of ferrous, non-ferrous CASTING MATERIALS and general hardware.


Mission Statement Helping our clients receive the best valves, pipes and other marine equipment while providing service as efficiently as possible


Deep Sea Pipes And Fittings was formed with several beliefs in mind that make us different from the rest of the marine industry.

We start by focusing on a culture that encourages innovation and leadership. We feel that a business that is organized well with the right people in charge is always going to be more successful.

One of our greatest value is to make sure that we are always there with an answer for all of our clients. We serve people around the Middle East and elsewhere by providing information on all the different products that we have to offer and what we have in stock. We especially take pride in our strong inventory service where we have full information on every single product that we have available at a given time. We want to be fast and capable of giving everyone the best solutions for their needs.

We also pride ourselves in having the knowledge needed to keep all kinds of business actions operational. We know about our products and understand the needs that people have with getting different products ready. We also focus on making sure people get the right products they need by working with special services to identify what items people need in particular.

Our activities incorporate a large amount of leadership as we put a strong emphasis on the leadership aspect of our work above all else. However, we know that a good leader is just a small part of a larger team. That’s why we focus on procedures in the workplace that make sure that every single person in the workplace is relevant and vital to the needs that a client might have. Everyone in the workplace is responsible in some way for everything that’s made.

Everything we do is to make sure that our business continues to operate effectively without creating a burden. Our positive attitude at the workplace is needed to help make sure that everyone who works for us is on the same page. We want all of our employees to feel positive over what we are doing and how we are trying to help our customers.

Our values and our mission have guided us through the past 27 years and will continue to help us move into the bright future. You can trust us at Deep Sea Pipes And Fittings  when it comes to finding ways to make your business more viable


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